Wesley Yin
Department of Economics
Boston University
270 Bay State Road #501
Boston, MA 02215
office 617-353-6150
  Curriculum Vitae

I have moved to UCLA. My new faculty web page can be found here.

I'm an associate professor at UCLA, and a Faculty Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). Prior to coming to UCLA, I served in the Obama Adnistration, most recently as Acting Assistant Secretary of Economic Policy in the Department of Treasury, and before that as a Senior Economist in the Council of Economic Advisers. I previously held academic positions in the Economics Department at Boston University, the University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy, and in the Robert Wood Johnson Scholar in Health Policy Program at Harvard University. My research interests are in the areas of health, economic development, industrial organizations and public finance. My current research studies the relationship between economic growth and the formation of private markets; and how information, income, and competitive forces impact the delivery of health care in developed and developing countries.

  Published and Forthcoming Papers    
Insurers' Negotiating Leverage and the External Effect of Medicare Part D (with Darius Lakdawalla) forthcoming Review of Economics and Statistics (an earlier version appears as NBER working paper no. 16251)
R&D Policy, Agency Costs and Innovation in Personalized Medicine, Journal of Health Economics, September 2009, 28(5), pp. 950-962
Market Incentives and Pharmaceutical Innovation, Journal of Health Economics, July 2008, 27(4), pp. 1060-1077
: (Updated 3/1/07) Calculates quasi-ML standard errors for conditional fixed effect      Poisson regressions
The impact of Medicare Part D on Medicare-Medicaid Dual-eligible Beneficiaries' Prescription Utilization and Expenditures (with Caleb Alexander and Anirban Basu), Health Services Research, February 2010, 45(1), pp. 133-151
Female Empowerment: Impact of a Commitment Savings Product in the Philippines (with Nava Ashraf and Dean Karlan) World Development, 2010, 38(3), pages 333-344
Tying Odysseus to the Mast: Evidence from a Commitment Savings Product in the Philippines (with Nava Ashraf and Dean Karlan) Quarterly Journal of Economics, May 2006, 121(2). Winner of TIAA-CREF 2006 Certificate of Excellence
Designing Targeting Schemes with Poverty Maps: Does Disaggregation Help? (with Berk Özler, Chris Elbers, Tomoki Fujii, Peter Lanjouw), Journal of Development Economics, May 2007, 83(1)
Deposit Collectors (with Nava Ashraf and Dean Karlan), Advances in Economic Analysis & Policy, March 2006, 6(2), Article 5

Working Papers and Papers in Progress    
The Market for High-Quality Medicine (with Dan Bennett) updated April, 2014
Anti-counterfeit Technology and Retail Drug Quality in Nigeria (with Seema Jayachandran and Dan Bennett)

  Published Policy and Medical Journal Articles    
Valuing health technologies at NICE: Recommendations for Improved Incorporation of Treatment Value in HTA (with Dana Goldman, Darius Lakdawalla and Tomas Philipson) Health Economics October 2010, 10(11) pp. 1109-1116
The Effect of the Medicare Part D Prescription Benefit on Drug Utilization and Expenditures (with Anirban Basu, James Zhang, Atonu Rabbani, David Meltzer, Caleb Alexander) Annals of Internal Medicine, Lead article, February 2008, 148:3 pp. 169-177
Solutions and Challenges to Curing Global Health Inequality Innovations 2(4), October 2007, 2(4), pp. 72-80
Impact of the Medicare Part D prescription benefit on use of generic drugs and different therapeutic drug classes (with James Zhang and Caleb Alexander) The Journal of General Internal Medicine, October 2008, 23:10 pp. 1673-1678
Testing Savings Product Innovations Using an Experimental Methodology (with Nava Ashraf and Dean Karlan), Asian Development Bank, Economics and Research Department Technical Paper No. 8. November, 2003
A Review of Commitment Savings Products in Developing Countries (with Nava Ashraf, Nathalie Gons and Dean Karlan), Asian Development Bank, Economics and Research Department Working Paper No. 45 June, 2003
  Teaching:  Topics in Development Economics (Second year PhD course)(EC722)
                   Statistics for Economists (MA and MPP core)(EC507)
                   Economic Statistics (Undergraduate core)(EC305)
                   Economics of Innovation (MPP and MBA elective)
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