Reader's Guide to Schleiermacher's Christian Faith

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George Cross, The Theology of Schleiermacher, WORKS OF REFERENCE

Among the works which may be consulted in a study of Schleiermacher and his place in Protestant theology are the following:


Der christliche Glaube. 4 vols. Gotha, 1889.

Kurze Darstellung des theologischen Studiums. Halle: Otto Hendel. (A translation, Brief Outline of the Study of Theology, including Luecke's Reminiscences, by W. Farrer, was published in Edinburgh, 1850.)

Monologen. Halle: Otto Hendel.

Platons Werke, 1804, 1817, 1828.

Gundlinien einer Kritik der bisherigen Sittenlehre, Berlin, 1803.

Discourses on Religion. Transl. by John Oman. London, 1893.

Selected Sermons of Schleiermacher. Ed. W. Robert son Nicoll.

Saemmtliche Werke. Berlin, 1840.


Schleiermachers Briefwechsel mit Gass. Berlin, 1852.

The Life and Letters of Schleiermacher. Translated by Miss Rowan.

Erinnerungen von Schleiermacher. Luecke.

Schleiermachers und C. S. von Brinkmans Gang durch die Brudergemeine. Leipzig, 1905.

Schleiermachers Theologie mit ihren philosophischen Grundlagen. By W. Bender. Nordlingen, 1878.

Schleiermachers Reden ueber Religion. By A. Ritschl. Bonn, 1874.

Die Entwicklung des Religionsbegriffs bei Schleiermacher. By E. Huber. Leipzig, 1901.

Schleiermachers "Glaubenslehre" in ihrer Bedeutung fuer Vergangenheit und Zukunft. By C. Clemen. Giessen, 1905.

Die Grundlagen der Christologie Schleiermachers. By H. Bleek. Freiburg, 1898.

Von Schleiermacher zu Ritschl. D. F. Kattenbusch. Giessen.

Schleiermachers Vermaechtnis an unsere Zeit. Kalthoff. Leipzig.

Christentum und Wissenschaft in Schleiermachers Glaubenslehre. By H. Scholz. Berlin, 1909.

La philosophie religieuse de Schleiermacher. By Edmond Cramaussel. Paris, 1909.

Numerous small pamphlets.


History of the Christian Philosophy of Religion. By Puenjer; transl. by Hastie. Edinburgh, 1887.

History of Protestant Theology in Germany. By I. A. Dorner; transl. by Robson and Taylor. Edinburgh, 1871.

History of German Theology in the Nineteenth Century. By Lichtenberger; transl. by Hastie. Edinburgh, 1889.

The Development of Theology. By O. Pfieiderer; transl. by Smith. New York, 1893.

Das Bild des Christentums bei den grossen deutschen Idealisten. By Luelman. Berlin, 1901.

Critical History of Free Thought in Relation to Religion. By A. S. Farrar, New York, 1863.

Leland's View of the Deistical Writers, London, 1837.

Religious Thought in England. By J. Hunt, London, 1870 ff.

Religious Thought in the Nineteenth Century. By J. Hunt. 1896.

History of English Thought in the Eighteenth Century. By Sir L. Stephen. New York, 1902.

Rational Theology and Christian Thought in England in the Seventeenth Century. By J. Tulloch. Edinburgh, 1872.

Manual of Religious Thought in Britain in the Nineteenth Century. By J. Tulloch. New York, 1885.

The Problem of Faith and Freedom. By John Oman. London, 1906.

Von Reimarus zu Wrede. By A. Schweitzer. Tuebingen, 1906.

Dogmengeschichte des Protestantismus. By O. Ritschl. Vol. I. Leipzig, 1908.

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