Religious Naturalism Resources - Interpretative Research Essays


These are long research papers aiming to make a contribution to the scholarly community's attempts to construct a comprehensive interpretation of religious naturalism that is attentive to material from the many contributing disciplines. The research essays have been produced by Boston University graduate students interested in religious naturalism.

Sunset in Eastern Finland; from unknown.


Acquitting God: A Naturalist Approach to Metaphors of God Post Trauma by Ashley Theuring

Beyond Dead Slince: The Need for Cataphatic Affirmation Within Welsey Wildman's Apophatic Religious Naturalism by Dave Rohr

Naturalistic Fatih: Faith in Agreement with the Epistemic Principles of Empiricism and Fallibilism by Troy DuJardin

The Immanent Abyss: Comforting Naturalism

Ultimate and non-Ultimate Pivots of Salvation: Evaluating The Soteriological Potential of Jerome Stone's Minimalist Vision and Donald Crosby's Religion of Nature by Stefani Ruper