Tassie's Survival Strategies

It has a bone-chilling screech that you won’t soon forget. The noises they make are basically bluff to intimidate other animals so there is no fight. A sharp sneeze means something like “bring it on”. When a Devil raises its tail to another it means business. Devils smell horrific when nervous but don’t when calm.

If a Devils whisker is not touching each other they are out of biting range. They’re hearing is excellent and is probably there dominate sense. They store fat in their tails. Its powerful jaws and teeth allow it to devour its prey, bone and all. The Devil eats all its prey so it doesn’t have to carry it around.

The Devil is nocturnal (comes out at night and sleeps the day away). The reason its color is dark is so predators cannot see it.

The Devil can run sort of fast. On rough terrain Devils can run faster then a human; on flat terrain they cannot run faster then a good human runner. Young Devils are agile and can climb trees but older Devils cannot.