Massachusetts Timeline

A Third-Grade Project for Ms. McLeod

Ben Wildman, February 12, 2002

The main timeline is inspired by Microsoft Encarta's timeline for Massachusetts History. The content is drawn from many sources, including historical websites and some library books. I wrote the text, chose which pictures to include, and invented captions. My mother helped me correct spelling errors and asked me questions about each topic to help keep me motivated. My father helped me create the website using FrontPage.

1498 Cabot sails along Massachusetts coastline

Mayflower lands at Plymouth

1630 Massachusetts Bay Colony is formed
1675-1676 Settlers war with Native Americans
1691 Second Massachusetts Bay Colony is created
1692 Salem witchcraft trials and executions
1770 Boston Massacre
1773 Boston Tea Party
1775 American Revolution begins
1776 British are driven out of Boston
1780 Massachusetts Constitution written
1786 Shays Rebellion
1788 Massachusetts joins Union
1820 Maine splits from Massachusetts
1831 Abolitionist newspaper Liberator founded
1833 Congregational Church loses role in State Government
1843 Dorothea Dix reforms prisons and asylums
1861 Massachusetts troops first to die in Civil War
1912 Mill workers go on strike
1919 Boston police go on strike
1927 Immigrant political radicals executed on murder case
1958 Massachusetts Democrats sweep into power
1960 John F. Kennedy elected President
1966 African-American senator, Edward Brooke, elected
1974 African-Americans bused into white neighborhoods
1993 Ben Wildman arrives in Massachusetts
2002 New England Patriots win NFL Superbowl