"Spiritual Transformation at Harvard" Survey
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1. Harvard culture socializes people into beliefs and practices that hinder spiritual transformation.

2. Harvard culture denies the relevance of God to the social/political sphere and confines spirituality and religion to the private sphere.

3. The theological perspective does not show up in the readings or lectures of Harvard students’ classes.

4. Academic demands crowd out theological reflection and Christian practices which set the stage for spiritual transformation.

5. In order to hold onto my Christian beliefs I need the support of the Christian community.

6. The college fellowship (life group, CI weekly meeting) is more important to my spiritual formation than my local church.

7. I have a place (community, space) where I am completely truthful about what is really going on inside of me (my fears, insecurities, doubts).

8. I have a place at Harvard where I feel known by others and still unconditionally loved and cared for.

9. While at Harvard I engage in thoughtful theological reflection on a regular basis.

10. While at Harvard I feel like my mind is being nourished on God’s truth on a regular basis.

11. While at Harvard I am involved in acts of service on a regular basis.

12. While at Harvard I have received constructive feedback about my character.

13. People at Harvard really know me.

14. In practicality my approach to spiritual transformation is primarily individualistic.

15. In practicality my approach to spiritual transformation is interpersonal or social.

16. I don’t have a clear understanding of what brings about spiritual transformation.

17. I am troubled and sometimes anxious about the current state of my spiritual growth (or lack thereof).

18. I have often felt like my Christian beliefs are threatened or challenged by the prevailing Harvard culture.

19. Most of my beliefs about Christianity or the Bible today reflect the same beliefs I held before coming to college.

20. I regularly engage in theological analysis or reflection on the things I am studying.

21. The Christian community at Harvard is a safe place for me to talk about and process my questions about my faith.

22. I have doubts or questions about my faith that I have not shared with anyone in my Christian community at Harvard.

23. The academic pressure along with the general indifference that my academic work has with God, spirit, Christ, Bible, etc, hinders my spiritual growth.

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