Sermon Resources on the Topic of Organ Donation


Sermon Outline


Scripture         1. John 3:16

                        2. Luke 10:25-37


I.         The theme throughout the Bible is God giving of Godself.


II.        The principle theme of the New Testament is Jesus giving of His life so we can live.

            A. Jesus gave His life.

                        1. No Greater love demonstrated than this.

                        2. No Greater reward than giving so others can live.

            B. Jesus Gave His Body - that we may be whole.

            C. Jesus Gave His Blood - so we need not struggle for our own cleansing.


III.       It is understood that we love ourselves enough to know we are worthy to give ourselves.

            A. The Command is to love one another as ourselves.

B. We would certainly want others to give of their material possessions, talents and time to improve our life.

            C. We should do unto others as we would have them do unto us.


IV.      Many are uncomfortable about what others think if we were to give to those in need.

            A. The Samaritan who had every cultural reason in the world not to help - Did.

B. Could we not be available to give to those in need of life saving procedures and gifts such as organs, tissues and blood?

            C. We do feel uncomfortable about giving, but reality points out we shouldn’t be.

1. Many people throughout history have cremated their bodies as they saw no more need for the body.

                        2. We need to remember as the Moravians do, that death is the great equalizer.

a. We may be rich or poor materially, but at death we are all equal because we can’t take it with us.

                                    b. We should give that which will only be left behind to decay.

            D. We should always be reminded that we go to God with only a rich or poor soul.


Sermon Idea


Scripture         Acts 3:1-10


Peter sees a crippled man sitting at the Beautiful Gate and was not bothered by man’s request for alms. Peter feels not just empathy for him. Peter did not have any money, so instead gave the man something more precious, a new life through new legs. (Later in Acts 5 we learn that this nearly cost Peter his life). Peter was courageous enough to give the man the power to be whole so he could walk through the Beautiful Gate.


The gift of Giving life is an eternal heritage left behind by the donor. Jesus, Peter and many others are known for their life-giving gifts.


We all have the opportunity to help our impaired neighbors live again with whole or nearly whole lives. We may not even know our neighbor’s name, but it is apparent that the giving of ourselves to help someone else certainly pleases God. It doesn’t mater if we are rich or poor (as Peter had no money) we can all give our organs, tissues and blood so that others can go through the Beautiful Gates.


Other Worship Resources


1. Scripture


John 11:25 - I am the resurrection and the life


1 Corinthians 15:35-58 - The Spiritual Body (The gift of organs does not affect the ability of one to be resurrected.)


Luke 6:31-38 - Give to others and God will give to you


Luke 14:12-14 - Giving without reward


2. Hymns


I’ll Praise My Maker While I Breath


Come, Sinners, to the Gospel Feast


Jesus, Lover of My Soul


Hope of the World


We Give Thee but Thine Own


Take My Life and Let It Be Consecrated


Blest Be the Ties that Binds


O God, Whose Will is Life


Open My Eyes that I May See


What Wondrous Love is This

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