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Crucibles: The Orchestration of Surprise

An essay from AGNI 67

“Kafka fuses old-fashioned storytelling—a reliance on motives, histories, and consequences—with a dizzyingly open-ended creating that feels like the generative impulse itself. He writes like a guide with a candle in his hand, and each move to the side, or backwards, reveals not just some new thing, but a new thing as a thing-in-itself—not object, but subject, new being, a fresh bubble of unexpected substance and will.”


A story from American Literary Review

This story is not yet available online.

In Brief

William Pierce is a fiction writer and essayist who lives outside of Boston. He is senior editor of the American literary and cultural magazine AGNI, where he contributes a series of essays called “Crucibles.” He has taught writing at Boston University and Harvard University and is at work on a novel.

Latest News

“Josh Weil and William Pierce: A Conversation” appeared in Tin House online, December 2014.

Pierce’s story “Micropiggies” is part of the spring 2012 Ecotone.

His translation, with the author, of Magdalena Tulli’s story “Bronek” appears in the 2012 edition of Little Star.

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