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Publications and Patents:

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Recent Reviews and Perspectives:

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Cell-Biomaterial Interactions (cardiovascular; cancer):

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Vascular Tissue Engineering:

  1. E.L. Lee, H. Bendre, A. Kalmykov, and J.Y. Wong (2015) “Surface modification of uniaxial cyclic strain cell culture platform with temperature-responsive polymer for cell sheet detachment,” Journal of Materials Chemistry B 3:7899-7902
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Theranostics / Drug Delivery / Imaging Contrast Agents:

  1. Y. Park, C. Zhang, S. Kim, G. Mohamedi, C. Beigie, J. Nagy, R.G. Holt, R.O. Cleveland, N.L. Jeon, and J.Y. Wong (in press) “Microvessels-on-a-Chip to Assess Targeted Ultrasound-Assisted Drug Delivery,” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces    
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Biomimetic Materials Engineering:

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Computer Science meets Cell Imaging:

  1. S.K. Kim, D. Gurari, C. Yang, C.D. Hartman, M. Jacobsen, J.Y. Wong, and M. Betke (2014) “I’mCell: A Touch Pad Tool for Annotating Cell Images,” Biomedical Signal Analysis (BSA): 3-D Imaging in Medicine, Florianopolis, Brazil, 3 pages.
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