Noises Off


Noises Off

Directed by Erica Cohn
Technically Directed by Jamie Bal
Produced by Isis Evens & Sebastian Eisenberg

April 22-24 2014 at 8pm
**Matinee Saturday at 1pm** Student Theater

A widely-loved comedy about how things can go wrong. A dress rehearsal for a play, followed by a performance as seen from behind the set, and then a closing night gone brutally awry. Hilarious, relatable, and with at least one cactus. Don't miss it!


Jarrett Kleitz as Lloyd Dallas
Alexis Lamper as Dotty Otley
Tony Faraco-Hadlock as Gary Lejeune
Kathryn Vaz as Brooke Ashton
Tom Schrank as Frederick Fellowes
Rachel Gill as Belinda Blair
Christine Calabrese as Poppy Norton-Taylor
Joe Foster as Timothy Allgood
Aidan Connell as Selsdon Mowbray