Noises Off (Spring 2014) Chamber Music (Fall 2013) The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Fall 2012) Copenhagen (Fall 2012)

Next this season


Tsai | 2/20, 2/21, 2/22 @ 8 PM

Upcoming Dates

Auditions for Almost Maine

December 2, 3; 6-10pm; PSY B35

December GM

December 5; 5pm; CAS 212

Tech Meeting

December 5; 6pm; CAS 212

Constitution Meeting

December 6; 1pm; CAS 220

Ice Skating

December 6; 5:30pm; Frogt Pond (Meet at Marsh Plaza)

Almost, Maine Cast List!

Thanks to everyone who came out and auditioned!! And don't forget, we have another show next semester! So if you didn't get cast in this one, definitely come out and audtion in the spring!

Cody Sloan ------ Pete, Steve, Daniel
Mathis Bauchner ------ East, Randy, Phil, Dave
Jarrett Kleitz ------ Jimmy, Lendall, Chad
Christine Calabrese ------ Ginette, Marvalyn
Kyra Louie ------ Glory
Bianca Nicolosi ------ Waitress, Rhonda
Kathryn Vaz ------ Gayle, Marci
Amanda Clark ------ Sandrine, Hope

End of the Semester Things!

We have a lot of really fun things planned for the end of the semester! First, there are audtions for Almost, Maine happening Tuesday the 2nd and Wednesday the 3rd. Callbacks will be the 4th.
Then, on Friday the 5th there will be the last GM of the semester. Voting for our show next semester will happen, so it's definitely going to be great! Immediately after the GM will be the Tech Meeting, so make sure to stay for that!
Finally on Saturday the 6th there will be a Constitution Meeting at 1pm and our End of the Year superMDoF, Skating at Frog Pond. We'll be meeting at Marsh Plaza at 5:30pm to take the T there, or you can meet us there.


Hey everyone! So we had an awesome turnout at our voting GM today!! And, thanks to everyone's votes, we now have our new president, the wonderful Kathryn Vaz! We also picked the show that will be going up in Tsai in February, which is Almost, Maine by John Cariani, directed by Rachel Gill. So congratulations Kat and Rachel, and thank you to everyone who ran or pitched!! And finally thank you to everyone voted!

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