Noises Off (Spring 2014) Chamber Music (Fall 2013) The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Fall 2012) Copenhagen (Fall 2012) Circle Mirror Transformation (Spring 2012)

Next this season

Upcoming Dates

Tech Meeting

Sunday September 14 ; 6pm; CAS B25A

First MDoF of the year!!

Saturday, September 20; 1pm; BU Beach

Ajax in Iraq

November 20, 21, 22; SED 130
[view details]

Brighton Beach Memoirs

November 6, 7, 8; Student Theater @ Agganis
[view details]

Cast Lists!!!!

Ajax in Iraq

Ajax ------------- Miko Dimov
Athena ------------- Sierra Tempas
Aj ------------- Emily Zisko
Mangus ------------- Nicole Rizzo
Captain1 ------------- Chris Kopishke
Sergeant2 ------------- Massimo D'Emilia
Odysseus3 ------------- David Zhang
Gertrude/Chorus/Judy ------------- Phoebe Horgan
Abrams4 ------------- Jamie Lin
Charles/C/Chorus/Man in the Dark 2 ------------- Doruk Uzel
Rebo/D/Tecmessa ------------- Helen Silfin
Sickles5 ------------- Madeline O'Keefe

1Captain/Therapist/Minister/Fletcher/Nog Dream Soldier A
2Sergeant/E/Man in the Dark #1/Teucer
3Odysseus/Pisoni/Nog Dream Soldier C/Larry/A
5Sickles/Chorus/Nog Dream Soldier B/B

Brighton Beach Memoirs

Eugene ------------- Cody Sloan
Staney ------------- Rei Vardi
Jack ------------- Mathis Bauchner
Nora ------------- Bianca Nicolosi
Laurie ------------- Kathryn Vaz
Blanche ------------- McKenna Coyle
Kate ------------- Jessica Kaminski


Hey everyone! As our returning members already know, and as new members will soon learn, we have a wicked awesome semester ahead of us! First up is Ajax in Iraq written by Ellen McLaughlin and directed by Ian Spotts. And after that there's Brighton Beach Memoirs, written by Neil Simon and co-directed by Christine Calabrese and Shelby Pelesky!
Information about auditions and getting involved with tech can be found here

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