Noises Off (Spring 2014) Chamber Music (Fall 2013) The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Fall 2012) Copenhagen (Fall 2012)

Thanks for a great semester!

Have a nice summer!

Congratulations to the new Executive Board

Thank you to everyone who ran! In case you weren't able to be at the GM, here's next year's eboard!

President.... Ian Spotts
Vice President.... Jeremy Altman
Treasurer.... Kelly Tapager
Secretary.... Swati Agrawal
Production Manager.... Johanna Gruber
Technical Advisor.... Olivia Lanman


Next Season's Shows!

We have an awesome season lined up for next semester! Thanks to everyone who pitched a show, and congratulations to Let's Murder Marsha, directed by Marianne Walters, and And Then I Wrote..., directed by Johanna Gruber

Have an idea for the group?

Have an idea for a great MDoF? Is there some problem you think needs to be addressed? Come to our open eboard meetings, Sundays at 7:00! (Location will be posted on the Facebook page)

Wandering Minds is a student-run theater group at Boston University.
We're committed to putting on awesome shows directed by
students for audiences on campus and beyond.