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8 June 2018

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E-mail:  winnjama@bu.edu

Mailing address:
4615 Green River Rd.
Brattleboro, VT

Ph.D., Yale University, 1974
Dissertation: “A Window in the Bosom:
The Letters of Alexander Pope”
Director: Maynard Mack
B. A., summa cum laude, Princeton University, 1968

Languages read:
Latin, Greek, German, French







William Fairfield Warren Distinguished Professor, Boston University (2009–17); emeritus (2017– )
Director, Boston University Humanities Center (2008–2016)
Professor, Department of English, Boston University (1998–2017)
Affiliated Faculty, Department of Musicology and Ethnomusicology, School of Music, College of Fine Arts, Boston University (2011–17)  
Chair, Department of English, Boston University (1998–2007)
Founding Director, University of Michigan Institute for the Humanities (1988–96)
Mary Fair Croushore Professor of Humanities, University of Michigan (1992–96)
Professor, University of Michigan School of Music (1992–98)
Professor, University of Michigan Dept. of English (1985–98)
Director of Graduate Studies, University of Michigan Dept. of English (1986–88)
Associated Faculty, University of Michigan Program in Comparative Literature (1986–98)
Associate Professor, University of Michigan Dept. of English (1983–85)
Writer, McLaughlin, Del Vecchio, & Casey Advertising, New Haven (1979–84)
Leader of Seminars on Writing and Literature, Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute 1978–80)
Associate Professor, Yale University Dept. of English (1980–83); Assistant Professor(1974–80)
Assistant to the Director of Admissions, Princeton University (1970–71)
Principal flutist, 50th Army Band (1968–70)
Instructor, Woodberry Forest School, Va. (1968)
Teaching Assistant, Philips Academy Andover (1967)


Queen Anne: Patroness of Arts. New York: Oxford University Press, 2014. A full-scale biography (320,000 words), with 52 illustrations and 28 musical examples, appearing both as scores and as audio clips.
Queen Anne. London: Historical Association, 2014 (Kindle only). A pamphlet for secondary school and college teachers.
The Poetry of War. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008. Named by Choice to its list of Outstanding Academic Books, 2009.
The Pale of Words: Reflections on the Humanities and Performance. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1998. An expanded version of the James Murray Brown lectures, given at the University of Aberdeen in the autumn of 1996.
Critical Essays on John Dryden. New York: G. K. Hall & Co., 1997. An edited collection of eleven recent essays by various scholars, with a new introduction.
When Beauty Fires the Blood”: Love and the Arts in the Age of Dryden. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1992.
John Dryden and his World. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987; paperback reprint, 1988. Awarded British Humanities Council Prize for best book in British Studies, 1988; winner of Yale University Press Governors’ Award; named by Choice to its list of Outstanding Academic Books, 1988; nominated for Pulitzer Prize in biography, Christian Gauss Award, James Russell Lowell Prize.
Unsuspected Eloquence: A History of the Relations between Poetry and Music. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1981; paperback reprint, 1984.
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A Window in the Bosom: The Letters of Alexander Pope. Hamden, CT: Archon Books, 1977.

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Two videos produced by faculti.net
On Queen Anne: https://faculti.net/video?v=714
On Jane Austen: https://faculti.net/video?v=764
Interview with “Talking History,” radio program in Ireland, aired in November 2014.
Interview with Fiona Powell, WVIA radio, Williamsport, PA, on Queen Anne and music, aired in August 2014.
Three video segments produced by Hannah Paget for Oxford University Press. August 2014.
Podcast of talk given at the National Archives, Kew, July, 2014:
Interviewed for BBC Special Program on Dryden and Purcell. September, 2009.
Interviewed by Joanna Beth Tweedy for Illinois Public Radio, discussing The Poetry of War. June, 2008.

Public Lectures and Conference Papers:
“ ‘Polite Imagination’: Joseph Addison on the Sister Arts.” Lectures in Criticism, Boston University, February 2016.
Pre-Concert Lectures on Henry Purcell and Theatre History. Henry Purcell Society of Boston, Brookline and Rockport, MA, November 2015.
“The Arts and Humanities as a Chamber Ensemble.” National Conference of Arts Administrators, Boston University, September 2015.
Pre-Concert Lecture on T.S. Eliot and Stravinsky. Arneis Quartet Music and Poetry Series, Boston University, April 2015.
“Dispensing with Power: A Response to Three Papers on Historical Criticism.” American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Annual Conference. Los Angeles, CA. April, 2015.
Remarks on John Dryden. Union Club, New York, February, 2015.
“  ‘Like Her Britannia’s Self’ : Myth and Ideology in the Life  of Queen Anne.” Keynote address at “Queen Anne is Dead” Conference, Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK, August, 2014.
“  ‘Praise the Patroness of Arts,’ ” Blackwell’s Books, Oxford, UK, July, 2014.
“ ‘Things as are all Forms, & Ceremonys’: Ritual and Authority in the Life of Queen Anne.” National Archives, Kew, UK, Lecture series on Diplomacy. July, 2014.
“ ‘Our Mother-Isle a Female Shape Presents’: Myth and Ideology in the Life of Queen Anne.” Conference on Female Monarchs, Boston University, April, 2014.
“Intimations of Jubliation: Christopher Smart’s Early Religious Poetry.” American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Williamsburg, Virginia, April, 2014.
“ ‘Ev’ry ENGLISH Heart’s entirely yours’: Patronage and Politics in the Life of Queen Anne.” Slightly different versions delivered in three venues: Nottingham University, UK, March, 2013; British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference, Oxford, January 2013; Conference on “Ruling Queens,” Boston University, April, 2012.
“ ‘Praise the Patroness of Arts,’ ” American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, San Antonio, Texas, March, 2012.
Panel Discussion on Handel’s Acis and Galatea, Boston Early Music Festival, Boston, June, 2011.
“The Humanities Institute as the Play within the Play,” Humanities Institute, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, April, 2011.
“Five Poems on War,” Keynote Address at the annual Poetry Symposium, Virginia Military Institute, March, 2011.
“The Sirens’ Song.” Claflin Society Luncheon, Boston, April, 2009.
“ ‘Confronting Art with Art with Art’: The Dryden-Purcell Collaboration in King Arthur.” Conference on King Arthur. University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada; April, 2009.
“Creativity on Several Occasions,” Keynote address, conference on Concepts of Creativity in Seventeenth-Century England, University of Manchester, UK, September, 2008.
Book launch for The Poetry of War. Barnes & Noble, Boston, March, 2008.
“The Politics of Style: The Philips-Handel Ode for Queen Anne’s Birthday, 1613,” ASECS national conference, Atlanta, March, 2007.
“War, Poetry, and the Cause of Liberty,” University of Wyoming, September, 2006; University of Texas, Austin, November, 2005.
“ ‘Thy wars brought nothing about’: Dryden’s Critique of Military Heroism,” Conference on “Dryden in the 1690s,” The British Academy, London, October, 2005.
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The Humanities as Performance, the inaugural James Murray Brown Lectures at the University of Aberdeen in October and November 1996, including the following four titles:
“The Sirens’ Song: Music as Seduction and Danger”                                                                                         
“ ‘Vain Shows’: Images and the Imagination”                                                                                                      
“The Theorist as Performer”                                                                                                                                    
“Performance and Promises”
“Heroic Song.” Biennial Conference of the International Association of University Professors of English, Copenhagen, Denmark (August 1995).
“Sphere-born Harmonious Sisters, Voice and Verse.” Keynote address, Birke Symposium on the Arts. John Marshall University, Huntington West Virginia (April 1995).
“Epistles in Prose and Verse.” Lake Forest College (March 1995).
“Five Great Teachers.” Phi Beta Kappa Induction, University of Michigan (March 1995).
“Language and the Humanities.” University of Michigan Pilot Program (September 1993, September 1994).
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“Music and Poetry: Some Recent Developments in Scholarship”                                                                        
“The Politics of Pedagogy”                                                                                                                                             
—both at NEH Summer Institute on Medieval Lyric, Mt. Holyoke College; July, 1987.
“Varieties of Dramatic Poesie”                                                                                                                                       
“ ‘Something at least Like an Opera’: Dryden’s King Arthur and its Background”                                            
“ ‘Sisters, though not Twins’: Dryden’s Poems on Painting and Music”                                                             
—all at Aston Magna Institute on Restoration England, Rutgers University; June, 1987.
“Dryden’s Miltonic Opera,” Johnson Society of the Central Region, Michigan State University; May, 1987.
Response to papers on abstraction in music and poetry, International Conference on the Abstract, Ann Arbor; February, 1987.
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“Oedipus and the Terror of Knowledge.” Association of Yale Alumni Back to Yale Program; New Haven, Ct.; Oct. 1976.
“Pope Plays the Rake.” Midwest American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies; Bloomington, Indiana; Oct. 1975.

Courses Taught:
Introduction to poetic form; the age of Pope and Swift; the age of Dryden (various undergraduate and graduate versions); Restoration drama; Politics and Culture in Britain, 1660–1759 (cross-listed by English and History departments); Introduction to literary analysis; survey of British literature, 1300–1700; European epic tradition; European dramatic tradition; Faulkner; comedy from Aristophanes to Stoppard; Baroque and Enlightenment (team-taught with faculty from History, Art, Music); Honors Survey (1350–1830); Great English and American books (1660–1860); Music and Poetry (cross listed in Comparative Literature, English, and Music); Literature and the Other Arts; dissertation-writing in the humanities.

Administrative and Professional Activities:
Service to the Profession and the Community:
Nominating Committee: American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, 2014–15
Consultant: University of Tennessee, planning for a new humanities center: January 2011
Tenure and Promotion reviews for Harvard University, Cambridge University, University College, London, Penn State University, University of Wisconsin-Duluth (2005–14)
Advisory Reader: American Council of Learned Societies, Princeton University Press, Yale University Press, University of California Press, University of Pennsylvania Press, University of Delaware Press, University of Michigan Press, Johns Hopkins University Press, Schirmer Books, E. J. Brill, Philological Quarterly, Eighteenth-Century Life, Modern Language Quarterly, Restoration, Modern Philology, etc.
Editorial Board, Eighteenth-Century Life (2005–  )
Selection Committee, NEH Summer Seminar, Boston Athenaeum (2004)
Fellowship Selection Committee, Erasmus Institute, University of Notre Dame (2004)
Board of Directors, Lake Placid (NY) Institute for the Arts and Humanities (1997–2006); President (1998–99); Chair (1999–2006)
Committee Member, Graduate Record Examination in Literature in English (1996–2001); Chair (2001–2003)
American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Development Committee (1996–98)
Rockefeller Fellowship Selection Committee, Center for Black Music Research, Columbia College, Chicago (1995–96)
Advisor, Graduate Record Examination in Literature in English (1994)
Fellow, Salzburg Seminar on Economics and the Arts (1993)
Michigan Council for the Humanities (1991–1995); Chair of Development Committee (1993–94)
President, Samuel Johnson Society of the Central Region (1991–92)
President, Midwest American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (1986–87)
Executive Committee on Restoration and Early Eighteenth-Century Literature, Modern
Language Association (1988–93); Chair (1991–92)
Faculty, Aston Magna Institute (1987)
Editorial Board, Eighteenth-Century Studies (1985–89)
Editorial Board, University of Hartford Studies in Literature (1985–88)
Administrator, International Bach Society, (1972–73)
Assistant to the Director of Admissions, Princeton University (1970–71)

Boston University (1998–2017):
Provost’s Arts Council (2013–16)
Search Committee, Metcalfe Chair in Romantic Poetry (2015–16)
Chairman, Search Committee, Maria Stata Chair in Ancient Greek studies (2011–12)
Member, Search Committees in Ethnomusicology (2010–11; 2011–12)
Director, Boston University Center for the Humanities (2008–2016)
Chairman, Department of English (1998–2007)
Provost’s Committee to Review Allegations concerning the Dean of Communications (2006)
Advisory Board, CAS Writing Program (2002–2004)
Senior Fellow, Humanities Foundation (1998–2000)

University of Michigan (1983–1998):

University level:
Director, Institute for the Humanities (1988–96)
President’s Advisory Committee on the Policy on Discrimination and Discriminatory
Harassment (1990);                                                                                                                                                
President’s Task Force on University Events (1989–90)
Faculty Drafting Committee for Policy on Discrimination and Discriminatory
Harassment (1988–89)
Elected representative of College of Literature, Science and the Arts to the Senate
Assembly (1986–89)
Rackham Graduate School:
Review Panel for Research Partnership Grants in the Humanities (1989, 1990)
Nominating Committee for Rackham Executive Board (1989)
Dissertation Grant committee (1985)
Predoctoral Grant committee (1984)
English Dept.:
Executive Committee (1997–98, 1986–88, 1994–95)
Eighteenth-Century Search Committee, Chair (1997–98, 1995–96)
various tenure and promotion committees (1984–98)
Committee on First and Second-Year Studies (1995)
Graduate Admissions Committee (1984–94)
Committee on the Evaluation of Teaching, Chair (1989–90)
Curriculum Committee (1986–88)
Director of Graduate Studies (1986–88)
Eighteenth Century Search Committee (1988–89)
Early Period Search Committee (1984–85)
Renaissance Search Committee (1983–84)
Salary Committee (1984–85, 1986–88, 1995)
Honors Committee (1984–85, 1986–88)
Graduate Committee (1983–85, 1986–88)
Committee on Scholarly and Creative Activities (1983–84)

Yale University (1974–1983):
University and College level:
Board of Governors, Special Programs in the Humanities (1979–80, 1982–83)
Chairman, Subcommittee on History, Arts, and Letters (1980)
Advisory Board, Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute (1980–81)
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Directed Studies Program (1979–80)
Director of Undergraduate Studies, British Studies Major (1977–78, 1982–83)
Yale College Course of Study Committee (1975–77)
English Department:
Departmental Representative, Trumbull College (1975–78, 1979–81)
Freshman Prize Committee (1974–76 chair, 1975–76)
Curriculum Committee (1976–77)

Guggenheim Fellowship (2013)
NEH Fellowship (2012–13)
William Fairfield Warren Distinguished Professorship, Boston University (2009)
Senior Fellowship, American Council of Learned Societies (2008)
Boston University Humanities Foundation Senior Faculty Fellowship (declined in order to accept ACLS)
Michigan Humanities Award (semester of research leave; 1996)
University of Michigan Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award (1995)
International Association of University Professors of English (1994)
University of Michigan Faculty Recognition Award (1988)
Yale University PressGovernor’s Award (for John Dryden and his World; 1988)
British Humanities Council Prize (for John Dryden and his World; 1988)
NEH Fellowship; Category A (1985–86)
Honor Roll of Outstanding Teachers, Advice Magazine (1985, etc.)
Rackham Summer Grant, University of Michigan (1984)
Yale Senior Faculty Fellowship (1981–82)
NEH Fellowship; Category A (1981–82)
Top Ten Teachers, Yale Course Critique
Morse Fellowship (year’s paid leave for research for Yale junior faculty; 1978–79)
Mellon Fellowship, Aspen Institute (1977)
C. B. Tinker Fellowship, Yale Graduate School (1972–74)
Fulbright Scholarship for England (1968–69; declined because drafted)
Phi Beta Kappa (1968)
Charles Kennedy Senior Thesis Prize, Princeton (1968)
Freshman English Prize, Princeton (1965)
National Merit Scholarship (1964–68)