James A. Winn


Publication of Queen Anne:
Patroness of Art
s expected in
July, 2014

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The Poetry of War (Cambridge, 2008)
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Sunday, June 8, 2014
Newton Free Library
with David Kopp, piano
Works of CPE Bach, Reinecke,
Bloch, and Piston

Musical selection of the month: 
André Jolivet, Sonatine
for Flute and Clarinet,
with Stephen Hart, clarinet

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    Background image: Anne Killigrew,
    Venus Adorned by the Graces, c. 1684    


    Poem of the month:

    the deep male growl of the sea-lashed headland
    —Sophocles, Philoctetes

    August long ago, the summer Lemnian
    (not like the deeds of those who killed their men),
    the self a glowing bead, like Hephaestus falling
    daylong out of heaven in the old story,
    the island’s interior a forge, a glory hole,
    the odor of wild thyme borne offshore steadily,
    the Aegean Sea purple, wine-dark, without epithet;
    and as I walked on the beach, my mother not long dead,
    the perfect crystal of my self-regard
    so lately flawed, and landscape made to echo
    my own low cry in the island’s empty places,
    I found a pure white bone that wind and salt
    had scoured of every grief and all self-pity:
    and so I came to the love of others.

                                                                  ——Karl Kerchwey


    16 February 2014