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Publication of Queen Anne:
Patroness of Art
s:   1 July, 2014

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The Independent (London)
The Wall Street Journal

The Times Literary Supplement

Eighteenth-Century Life

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Oxford University Press:

1. On Anne’s interest and training in the arts
2. Historical methodology
3. The mechanics of royal       patronage

Full-length interview produced by faculti.net

Queen Anne

The Poetry of War (Cambridge, 2008)

Interview on NPR’s “On Point”

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The Humanities Institute as the
Play within the Play (2011)

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Saturday, 27 February 2016, 4 p.m.: St. John’s Church, Jamaica Plain, with David Kopp, piano: works of Franck, Harbison, and Copland.


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    Background image: Anne Killigrew,
    Venus Adorned by the Graces, c. 1684    


    Poem of the month:

    Ex machina

    When love was a question, the message arrived
    in the beak of a wire and plaster bird. The coloratura 
    was hardly to be believed. For flight,

    it took three stagehands: two
    on the pulleys and one on the flute. And you 
    thought fancy rained like grace.

    Our fog machine lost in the Parcel Post, we improvised 
    with smoke. The heroine dies of tuberculosis after all. 
    Remorse and the raw night air: any plausible tenor

    might cough. The passions, I take my clues
    from an obvious source, may be less like climatic events 
    than we conventionalize, though I’ve heard

    of tornadoes that break the second-best glassware 
    and leave everything else untouched. 
    There’s a finer conviction than seamlessness

    elicits: the Greeks knew a god
    by the clanking behind his descent.
    The heart, poor pump, protests till you’d think

    it’s rusted past redemption, but
    there’s tuning in these counterweights, 
    celebration’s assembled voice. 

                                                —Linda Gregerson







    23 September 2015