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Publication of Queen Anne:
Patroness of Art
s:   1 July, 2014

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The Independent (London)
The Wall Street Journal

The Times Literary Supplement

Eighteenth-Century Life

Video interviews:
Three short clips produced by
Oxford University Press:

1. On Anne’s interest and training in the arts
2. Historical methodology
3. The mechanics of royal       patronage

Full-length interview produced by faculti.net

Queen Anne

The Poetry of War (Cambridge, 2008)

Interview on NPR’s “On Point”

Opinion pieces:

The Humanities Institute as the
Play within the Play (2011)

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Poem of the month:

The night is fresh and cool—
Staff in hand, I walk through the gate.
Wisteria and ivy grown together along the     winding mountain path;
Birds sing quietly in their nests and a     monkey howls nearby.  
As I reach a high peak a village appears in    the distance.
The old pines are full of poems;
I bend down for a drink of pure spring    water.
There is a gentle breeze, and the round    moon hangs overhead.
Standing by a deserted building,
I pretend to be a crane softly floating among    the clouds.

                     —Ryōkan, trans. John Stevens



Next public performance: Sunday afternoon, February 5, 2:00 p.m. Newton Free Library, with David Kopp, piano. Works of J.S. Bach, C.P.E. Bach, Schubert, Vaughan Williams, and Copland.

Musical selection of the month:

Vincent Persichetti, Serenade for Flute and Harp, with Franziska Huhn, harp.


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    Background image: Anne Killigrew,
    Venus Adorned by the Graces, c. 1684    




    20 December 2016