Source code for core.Server

#!/usr/bin/env python
This file defines the ServerCMD [ Server Command Meta Description ]
from CMD import CMD
import copy

## Default Parameter Settings
server_desc = {
        'initial' : 'waiting',
        'start_action' : 'initialize',


[docs]class ServerCMD(CMD): name = 'server_cmd' def __init__(self, desc=server_desc): CMD.__init__(self, desc) def _is_okay(self, node): return True def start(self): self.initialize() @property def addr(self): return self.desc['srv_addr'] @property def port(self): return self.desc['srv_port']
[docs] def initialize(self): """ initialize the server. If the server is real node. It will call Accept method in blocking way. if the server is simulated. It will set the SetAcceptCallBack """ self.srv_sock = self.node.create_sock({'type':'server', 'proto':'tcp'}) self.node.bind(self.srv_sock, (self.addr, self.port)) self.node.listen(self.srv_sock, 5) if self.node.NODE_TYPE.startswith('real'): while True: client_sock, address = self.node.accept(self.srv_sock) self._trigger('recv_request_conn', client_sock, address) elif self.node.NODE_TYPE.startswith('sim'): self._sim_node_init() else: raise Exception("Unknown Node Type")
def _sim_node_init(self): """initialize for ns3 simulated node, ns3 sim node doesn't support blocking mode instead we need to set the callback""" self.logger.debug('sim_node initialization') def connect_request(sock, addr):' receive connect_request at sock [%s] from [%s]'%(str(sock), str(addr))) return True def connect_created(client_sock, address):'connect_created for client sock [%s] and address[%s]'%(str(client_sock), str(address))) self.node.sockets[client_sock] = {'type':'client', 'proto': 'tcp'} self._trigger('recv_request_conn', client_sock, address) self.srv_sock.SetAcceptCallback(connect_request, connect_created)
[docs] def recv_request_conn(self, client_sock, address): """call back for receive the connection request """'receive request from addr: %s'%(str(address))) self.node.send(client_sock, 'connect_ack') # self.node.recv(client_sock, 512, self.dispatcher, self.node.recv(client_sock, 512, self.node.dispatcher, threaded=True)
[docs] def dispatcher(self, sock, data): """just enclosure of CMD dispatcher""" try: CMD.dispatcher(self, sock, data) except Exception as e: self.logger.error('unknow message: %s from %s'%(data, self.node.sockets[sock])) self.logger.exception("\n----------------\n the error is: \n" + \ str(e) + \ "\n----------------\n") self.node.send(sock, 'you have sent me a unknown message')
[docs] def verify_master(self, sock, data): """verify the identity of the master""" if data['password'][0] == BOT_MASTER_PASSWORD: 'bot master password verfied' ) self.node.set_master_sock(sock) self.node.send(sock, self._cmd_to_json('event=echo;msg=verifed, hi master, what you want to do?'))
[docs] def echo_bots(self, sock, data): """send echo command to all bots"""'start to echo_bots' ) new_data = copy.deepcopy(data) new_data['event'] = ['echo'] for client_sock in self.node.client_socks: self.node.send(client_sock, self._dump_json(new_data))
def disconnect(self, sock):'receive disconnect request') return False