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  Robert C. Wagenaar
Associate Professor and Chairman
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Center of Neurorehabilitation
Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Boston University
635 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
Phone number: (617) 353-7533
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“The goal of our professional programs in rehabilitation sciences is to educate our students as generalists in clinical care with a thorough understanding of how to obtain the best evidence from research to support treatment regimes and diagnostic tools.  All our foundation courses are taught by clinical specialists in, for example, athletics, cardiopulmonary systems, geriatrics, musculoskeletal systems, neurological systems and pediatrics.  Research faculty support the clinical faculty and teach the evidence based practice and theoretical components of our program offerings. The curriculum includes courses in health care management and education, teaching our students to become entrepreneurs and advocates for the profession.  A major strength of our program is the clinical education component.  Our students complete their affiliations at outstanding sites in the Boston area, across the USA and abroad. One such site, for example, is the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital (BIDH) in Boston.  Together with BIDH therapists we offer cutting edge affiliations in acute care and outpatient care as well as grand round lectures on major developments in clinical care and interesting case studies. We have collaborations with internationally renowned institutes in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Sidney (Australia), and Stockholm (Sweden).  Many graduates become leaders in their profession. They are well equipped to communicate major developments in their professions to health care providers, peers and clients.”

Professor Wagenaar specializes in theories of motor control and learning and its application to movement disorders in neurologically disabled individuals. He is currently developing biomechanical and dynamical models to understand the transitions between different walking patterns and the influence of visual perceptual information on the coordination dynamics of walking.  These studies provide a frame of reference for the evaluation of movement disorders in patients after stroke and patients with Parkinson’s disease.  He also evaluates the effects of rehabilitation methods in terms of quality of life, activities of daily living and neurological symptoms.  These studies are part of Sargent College’s Center of Neurorehabilitation of which Professor Wagenaar is the director.  The Center provides interdisciplinary clinical care and supports research and educational efforts to improve diagnostics and treatment of patients with neurological disorders. Professor Wagenaar is also the director of the Doctoral Program in Rehabilitation Sciences.