Ulrich Faul

Associate Professor

Rock Physics Group

Department of Earth Sciences - Boston University - ufaul@bu.edu


I am looking for graduate students interested in understanding the behavior and properties of mantle rocks, both from direct experimentation and field observations. Experimental projects involve the piston cylinder lab at BU or potentially the deformation lab at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia. To complement the laboratory studies we are currently also conducting field work on ophiolites in Bosnia. Specific projects include an NSF-funded investigation of the melt distribution in partially molten rocks, as well as collaborative projects on the deformation behavior and seismic properties of synthetic upper mantle rocks. An integral component of all projects is the characterization of the samples by a range of electron microscopy techniques.

Current Students

Gordana Garapic

3-D melt geometry in partially molten olivine.

Shangshang Mu

High Pressure Experiments

Karen Godfrey

(currently at Department of Geology, Southern Illinois University Carbondale): Seismic velocities as a function of composition in ophiolitic and orogenic lherzolites (partially funded through BU's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program)