Ulrich Faul

Associate Professor

Rock Physics Group

Department of Earth Sciences - Boston University - ufaul@bu.edu

Rock Physics

Course outline

The course will cover rock deformation and resulting textures, seismic properties of rocks, grain growth and melt distribution. The concepts will be applied to the dynamics of the upper mantle, for example melting at mid-ocean ridges, subduction zone processes and properties of the lithosphere and asthenosphere.

From microcopic to macroscopic:

Crystal structure of olivine, the predominant mineral in the Earth's upper mantle. Oxygen atoms are shown in red, Si tetrahedra (in blue) are pointing up or down. The arrangment of atoms in the crystal structure influence the properties of upper mantle rocks, shown in the seismic images below.

Seismic images of the upper mantle at 100 km depth. Top: attenuation (Colleen Dalton), bottom shear wave velocity (km/s, Kustowski et al., 2006)