Ulrich Faul

Associate Professor

Rock Physics Group

Department of Earth Sciences - Boston University - ufaul@bu.edu

3-D Melt Geometry

We are currently investigating the 3-D melt geometry in partially molten dunite by serial sectioning and high resolution field emission SEM imaging. This work is funded by The National Science Foundation.

Reconstructed 3-D view of the melt geometry from stacked FESEM images. The 3-D image reveals that the thin layers seen in 2-D are wetted two-grain boundaries. Higher resolution image here.

High resolution FESEM image of the same partially molten olivine samples as above. Thin layers of melt wetting two-grain boundaries are indicated by double arrowheads. The arrows point to small triple junctions one μm or less in size. The white dots in the inset denote melt-free grain boundaries. Higher resolution image here.