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Tom Nolan was a city of Boston, Massachusetts police officer for 27 years.  He joined the department in 1978, 22 years old and fresh out of college at the University of Massachusetts at Boston.  During Tom’s career at the BPD, he worked uniformed patrol for 10 years, including a stint in the department’s elite Mobile Operations Patrol (motorcycle/SWAT) unit.  In 1988 Tom was promoted to sergeant, sergeant-detective in 1990, and lieutenant in 1995.  As a sergeant and sergeant-detective, Nolan worked in the Anti-Gang Violence Unit (now Youth Violence Strike Force) and the Anti-Corruption Division of the Bureau of Internal Investigations—he spent his last 10 years as a uniformed lieutenant and shift commander in the patrol division.

Tom attended Boston University from 1988-2000 where he earned a master’s degree in 1991 and a doctorate in 2000.  After teaching at the School of Human Services at Springfield College campuses in Manchester, New Hampshire and St. Johnsbury, Vermont for ten years, Dr. Nolan joined Boston University as an Associate Professor in 2004, where he teaches courses in Forensic Behavioral Analysis, Crime and Punishment, Forensic Criminal Investigation, Criminal Procedure, Law Enforcement and Multiculturalism, Gender and Justice, and Policing the Urban Milieu.  He is regularly sought out for his expertise and commentary by local, national, and international media—print, radio, television, and Internet.

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Associate Professor in Criminal Justice at Boston University