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This website contains a list of interesting papers/readings that are worth sharing with the group. Everyone is encouraged to contribute.

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03/23/05 - Small World Networks

Small world networks are characterized by a network where the the path length to any other node is short (as in random graph) and nearby nodes are likely to be connected (as in a network where nodes are only connected to nearest neighbors).In his Nature paper, Watts demonstrates that social networks, the US power grid and the nervous system of C. Elegans are examples of small world networks. Small world networks have simple properties but tremendously complex emergent properties. Get the paper here

Watts also published a full-length book on the topic. It is extremely interesting and can be enjoyed by people of all backgrounds. Get it at Amazon here

How do small world networks relate to neuroscience? Look at the poster directly to the left of Nancy's office door. Get the full paper on epilepsy in small world networks here

Contributed by Tilman

03/23/05 - Oliver Sacks

Dr. Sacks is a clinical neurologist famous for giving dopamine to Parkinson's patients in the 60's. His book, "Awakenings" was made into an Academy Award winning movie of the same title (another option for NaK movie night). The collection of case histories is beautifully written and will cause you to find new appreciation for the wonders of the human mind. If you work in neuroscience, you must read Sacks. A list of titles on Amazon

Contributed by Tilman