Greater Boston Area Theoretical Chemistry Lecture Series


We would like to invite you to give a lecture this upcoming academic year.

Over the years, the speakers invited to this student/postdoc-run series have attracted an increasingly diverse student body with attendees' interests ranging from pure science to various aspects of engineering. Areas covered by speakers in the previous academic years have included amongst other topics statistical mechanics, chemical physics, quantum chemistry, biological networks and classical simulations.

It's our feeling that our lecture series should be an important complement to usual seminars which are mostly "results-oriented", thus we would like to provide the speaker plenty of time to cover the topic as complete as possible. The usual lecture is about two hours plus a break in between and a small after-lecture discussion. We encourage speakers to devote the first half of their presentation to a pedagogical introduction to the topic. The second half is intended for material of current interest to your group. More information can be found on our website "".

The lecture is currently held at MIT. While Wednesday afternoon is reserved for the talk, we schedule meetings of our speakers with interested faculty of all participating schools(Harvard-BU-MIT-BC) on the preceding Tuesday, Wednesday morning and Thursday morning. We will gladly accept a recommended list of people you would like to speak to.

As for now, please let us know if you would be interested in presenting a talk and, if so, which semester(or possibly even which months) of the upcoming academic year would suit you best.

We look forwards to hearing from you,

Organizing Committee(

Lee-Ping Wang (MIT)

Eric Zimanyi (MIT)

Seth Difley (MIT)

Tim Kowalczyk (MIT)

Leslie Vogt (Harvard)

Brian Landry (Harvard)

Roberto Olivares (Harvard)

Alejandro Perdomo (Harvard)

Mi Kyung Lee (BU)

Katie Link (BU)

Anna Victoria Martinez (BU)