Nanostructured Fibers and Nonlinear Optics Lab



Cover art article on intermodal nonlinear mixing with Bessel beams in OSA's high-impact journal Optica.


Cover art article on large mode area higher order modes, IEEE Photonics Society Newsletter.

March 2015

Pat's paper on air-core fibers for OAM conservation published by Optica!

Jan. 2015

Jeff's paper on intermodal nonlinear mixing published by Optica!

Sept. 2014

AFOSR selects Prof. Ramachandran's proposal for the investigation of high-power intermodal nonlinearities, for its 5-year "Basic Research Initiative" award.

May 2014

Article on solid immersion lens microscopy listed in the Virtual Journal of Biomedical Optics (VJBO).

Jan. 2014

Prof. Ramachandran's article on radially polarised modes in fibers ranked amongst the top 20 downloads from Optics Letters in two years (2012-2013).

July 2013

Prof. Ramachandran receives the IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Award for 2013-2015. See IEEE and BU websites for further information.

July 2013

A multi-university team comprising Prof. Ramachandran wins an ONR MURI award for fundamental research on high-rate quantum key distribution in a marine environment.

July 2013

Widespread media coverage for Nenad's Science paper, including in the BBC, Boston Globe, NBC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Business Week, Scientific American, and IEEE Spectrum, to name a few.

June 2013

Nenad's paper on OAM data transmission with vortex fibers is published by Science!

June 2013

NSF selects Prof. Ramachandran's proposal for developing endoscopic STED nanoscopy systems for an award.

June 2013

Jeff Demas receives an honourable mention as a Maiman Award Finalist for his CLEO-2013 paper submission and talk, making his paper the top 3 of approximately 1000 student papers at the conference.

April 2013

First authors of 2 papers from the Ramachandran group (Patrick Gregg and Jeff Demas) selected for the CLEO Maiman Award Semifinal list (for best student paper) representing approx. the top 2-3 % of CLEO-2013 submissions with student first authors. In addition, the first student author from a third paper, in collaboration with Prof., Alan Willner's group (Univ. Southern California), also makes the same semifinalist list.

April 2013

Patrick Gregg wins prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. See BU news item here.

Mar. 2013

DOD awards Prof. Ramachandran a DURIP award associated with his DARPA InPho program on vortex fibers.

Jan. 2013

Nenad's article on OAM in fibers ranked amongst the top 20 downloads from Optics Letters in two years (2011-2012).

Oct. 2012

Yuhao's article on Bottle Beams selected by the Virtual Journal of Biomedical Optics (VJBO) for a list of articles of interest to the biomedical community.

Sept. 2012

First demonstration of a mode-division multiplexed (MDM) transmission link using OAM in (long ~ 1km-length) fibers (in collaboration with the Willner group - USC - and OFS), presented in the post-deadline session of the European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) - 2012.

Aug. 2012

Yuhao's article on Bottle Beams ranked amongst the top 10 downloads from Optics Letters for the month of August.

Aug. 2012

Nenad's article on OAM in fibers ranked amongst the top 10 downloads from Optics Letters for two months in a row (July & August).

July 2012

DARPA awards phase II funding for studying fiber transport of orbital angular momentum encoded signals.
(PI: S. Ramachandran/BU; co-PIs: S. Golowich/MIT-Lincoln Labs; P. Kristensen/OFS)

May 2012

Profs. Ramachandran and Basu win the Dean's Catalyst Award for investigating Silicon-Germanium Optical Fibers

May 2012

Six presentations at CLEO-2012 from the Ramachandran group.

Nov 2011

Prof. Ramachandran appointed Associate Editor of IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics

October 2011

First demonstration of long range (km) entanglement of photons with Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM), presented in the post-deadline session of FIO-2011 (OSA Annual Meeting).

August 2011

DoD awards DURIP for equipment purchase for fiber laser projects. (PI: S. Ramachandran)

April 2011

DARPA awards seedling grant for investigating the use of light's orbital angular momentum as a new degree of freedom in quantum encryption links. (PI: S. Ramachandran/BU; co-PIs: S. Golowich/MIT-Lincoln Labs; P. Kristensen/OFS)

March 2011
Nenad Bozinovic wins the President's Award for his presentation on optical vortices at the BU Science and Engineering Day.
March 2011
ONR grant award for the development of high-power blue-green lasers for undersea communications. (PI: S. Ramachandran/BU)
February 2011
Prof. Ramachandran appointed Chair of the 2012 OSA Nick Holonyak award committee.
February 2011
ONR grant award for exploring Bessel beams in Maritime Sensing applications. (PI: S. Ramachandran/BU)
January 2011
A novel mode characterisation technique is selected for presentation at the post-deadline session of Photonics West 2011.
Nov 2010
ExxonMobile provides a "Knowledge Build Grant" for the study of novel sensing technologies of potential use in oil & gas production.
May 2010
First demonstration of high-energy amplification of higher-order modes, presented in the Post-Deadline Session of CLEO 2010.
March 2010
Army Research Lab (ARL) Grant award for "A Flexible, Lightweight, Remotely-Accessible THz Source and Detector,"
(PI: S. Ramachandran/BU; co-PI: R. Averitt/BU)
January 2010

First demonstration of nonlinear-optical manipulation of optical vortices in fibers, presented in the Late Breaking Session of Photonics West 2010.

January 2010

Prof. Ramachandran named OSA Fellow.

June 2009
Cover art article on large mode area higher order modes, IEEE Photonics Society Newsletter.
Summer 2009

Prof. Ramachandran inducted into Who's Who in America

April 2009
January 2009
Prof. Ramachandran appointed Guest Editor for the IEEE JSTQE issue on high-power fiber lasers.
May 2008
“Fibre delivers self-healing Bessel beam,” (
May 2008
A New Kind of PM Fiber, Using Cylindrical Vector Beams,” CLEO-2008 list of newsworthy papers.
March 2008
Prof. Ramachandran appointed Topical Editor of Optics Letters
October 2007
“High power fibers,” in Photonik International, vol. 4
May 2007
“Higher-order mode propagation may enable power scaling” in Laser Focus World
Spring 2007
“Novel Fibers for Dispersive Control of Ultra-Short Pulses,” in SPIE NewsRoom.
October 2006
“Silica fiber achieves anomalous dispersion below 1300 nm,” in Laser Focus World.
September 2006
“HOM fibers provide robust propagation,” in FiberSystems International
September 2006
“Robust light propagation in ultra-large mode-area fibers,” in Photonics Spectra, p. 68, September 2006.


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