Sambuddha Ghosh’s site


I received my  Ph.D. from Princeton University.  My advisors were, starting with my main advisor :

Dilip Abreu,

Eric Maskin,

Roland Benabou, and

Stephen Morris .

    My interests are fairly diverse (Read: It’s better to do several things badly than just one.) ---  economic theory, political economy, and financial economics. I have worked on dynamic games and voting; incomplete information in dynamic game-theory is a thread running through my work.

    I imagine that if you’re here it’s to click the academics tab above.

Before you do so, here is a comment on the most impressive aspect about me--- my name. A veritable tongue-twister, it means “one who has true knowledge”. It is pronounced Shombuddho. Sam is pronounced Shom, the Sanskrit root for true, and has no connection with Uncle Sam.


Welcome to my website.

Favourite books:

  1. Vile Bodies, Brideshead and the rest of Evelyn Waugh

  2. A Course in Microeconomic Theory, Kreps

  3. The Three Comrades, Remarque

  4. All Quiet on the Western Front, Remarque

  5. Grapes of Wrath, Steinbeck

  6. The oeuvre of Greene

  7. Probability with Martingales,Williams

  8. and many many more

Favourite Painters:

Bikash Bhattacharya (featured painting: She with a  Newspaper)

Vincent Van Gogh

Nandalal Bose

Winslow Homer

John Singer Sargent