Shakira F Suglia Shakira Franco Suglia, ScD

Assistant Professor
Boston University School of Medicine
Boston University School of Public Health


Shakira F Suglia
Research Interests

Dr. Shakira Franco Suglia is an assistant professor at Boston University School of Medicine and Boston University School of Public Health. Her research interests are multidisciplinary, as her work examines the effects of the social and physical environment on children's psychological and physical health. One focus of her work is the role of domestic and community violence -- conceptualized as a chronic stressor -- on the development of a number of child outcomes (i.e., asthma, obesity, cognitive deficiencies and behavioral problems). Her work also examines the impact of environmental factors (i.e., poor quality built environment and traffic related pollutants) predominant in urban communities which may interact with other social factors and affect children's health. Her current research explores how negative (i.e., housing dilapidation and psychological stressors) and positive (i.e., social support and mother-child interaction) factors may modify the impact of violence on child health. Suglia received her Sc.D. in epidemiology and environmental health from the Harvard School of Public Health. In her dissertation she developed a methodology to better characterize violence exposure and examined the relationship between violence exposure and lung function among children.




September 2010