Birds seen and photographed along the Muddy River in Brookline, Massachusetts

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Water birds

black duck
wood duck
Northern Pintail
hooded merganser
common merganser
northern shoveler
green-winged teal
double-crested cormorant
Canada goose


great blue heron
black-crowned night heron
green heron


chestnut-sided warbler
magnolia warbler
palm warbler
American redstart
common yellowthroats
Wilson's warbler
yellow-rumped warbler
black-and-white warbler

Colorful birds

American robin
northern cardinal
scarlet tanager
Baltimore orioles

Black birds and gray birds

red-winged blackbird
common grackle
brown-headed cowbird
northern mockingbird
gray catbird
European starling


downy woodpeckers
red-bellied woodpecker
northern flicker

Sparrows and finches

house sparrow
white-throated sparrow
chipping sparrow
song sparrows?
house finch
American goldfinch

More little birds

black-capped chickadee
tufted titmouse
slate-colored junco
white-breasted nuthatch
brown creeper

American crow
blue jay
rock dove (pigeon)
mourning dove
ruby-crowned kinglets
eastern kingbird
red-tailed hawks cedar waxwings

Tentative identifications

eastern phoebe ??
rough-winged swallow ??
northern parula warbler??

Mysteries -- what are these birds??

Seen but not (yet) photographed:

common redpoll
golden-crowned kinglet