Judy Schotland - Skills

Design and implementation of systems (hardware and software) for data acquisition, signal processing, transducers and biomedical instrumentation, pattern recognition, circuits and electronics, and data analysis.
Application of information science and computer technology to the design of course materials for teaching gross human anatomy and neuroscience.
Skilled researcher in neurophysiology, neuropharmacology and neuroanatomy.
Business research:
On-line research using Lexis-Nexis, Dialog, Dow Jones Interactive, Medline, and the Internet.
Wrote grants earning $1.04 million (1996-2000); published articles in peer-reviewed journals; invited speaker: Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (1998), Santa Fe Institute (1998), Emory University Dept. of Physiology (1998), Winter Conference on Brain Research (1996), Biomedical Engineering Conference (1995), Barrow Neurological Institute (1995), Neuromuscular Research Center (1994), Nobel Institute for Neurophysiology (1994), Free University of Amsterdam (1994), Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (1993), and Neural Control of Movement Conference (1993).

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Judy Schotland
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