Judy Schotland - Consulting

McGraw Hill
Reviewed Human Anatomy by Ken Saladin (Jan 2004).
Blackwell Publishing
Reviewed A Textbook of Neuroanatomy by Les Gartner & Maria Patestas (Fall 2003).
McGraw Hill
Reviewed Reviewed Regional Human Anatomy by Frederick E. Grine (July 2002).
Fuld & Co.
Evaluated the market for certain blood products in response to a change in status of two corporations involved in the technology (August 2000).
Prentice Hall
Reviewed Learning Human Anatomy, by Julia Guy (June 2000).
Genzyme, Corp.
For treatment of a specific disease, searched patent and scientific literature to identify drug developments not currently linked to corporate sources (Spring 2000).
Fuld & Co.
I3 (Internet Intelligence Index) webpage content editing (January 2000).
Decision Resources, Inc.
Edited report analyzing the state-of-the-art in glucose monitoring systems (August 1999).

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Judy Schotland
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