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Cross-sectional Anatomy

[Cross Sections]

Cross Sectional Anatomy
Labeled cross-sectional anatomy
Madsci's Visible Human Sections
Click to identify structure with annotation
Radiological Anatomy (U. Warsaw)
Go to "Our atlas of radiologic anatomy" for labeled sections
Visible Human Project Sectional Images
Click on labels and arrow points to structure; good self-test technique
Cross Sectional Anatomy of Thorax and Abdomen (U. Auckland)
Nice multi-technology cross-sectional anatomy of thorax and abdomen
Cross Sectional Anatomy with Animations (Tufts U.)
These cross-sections include self-test and animations!
Cross Sectional Anatomy Tutorial (U. Florida)
Beautiful cross-sections with feedback for self-testing
Cross Sectional Anatomy Tutorial (Loyola U.)
Cross-sections with feedback for self-testing

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