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Anatomy Tutorials


Anatomy Quizzes (U. Minnesota)
Timed and untimed anatomy self-tests -- some with animations!
Basic Human Anatomy (Dartmouth College)
Human anatomy tutorials with terrific illustrations
Anatomy Quizzes (U. Utah)
Anatomy quizzes
Intellimed's Anatomy
Illustrated anatomy tutorials; click on labeled structures for text
Martindale's Health Science Guide
Exceptional site has links to different anatomy sites with the best tutorials for different anatomical regions
Medical Anatomy Course (Loyola U.)
Excellent site includes images, text, dissection guide, and quizzes; most material is accessible
Radiology (U. Washington)
Radiologic images with tutorials; structures discussed are outlined on images
TMJ (U. Washington)
Temporomandibular joint tutorial
Dissection Tutorial (Loyola U.)
Regional dissection guide
Dissection and Tutorial (SUNY Downstate)
Learn, then test your knowledge with multiple choice and cadaver questions
Tutorial and Test & Practical Questions (U. Michigan)
Learn, then test your knowledge with multiple choice and cadaver questions
Surface Anatomy (U. Michigan)
Labeled surface anatomy
Gross Anatomy Tables (U. Michigan)
Tables of different aspects of anatomy: arteries, muscles, joints, etc.
Web-based Medical Texts
Medical texts/tutorials on the Web
Anatomy Tutorials, Animations and Quizzes (GetBodySmart)
Multilayered views of muscles, animations of muscle actions, and self-tests
Anatomy Flashcard Exchange
Student-posted anatomy flashcard study aids

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