Saori Chiba

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Saori Chiba completed her Ph.D. in economics at Boston University. She also earned degrees in economics as well as business administration from University of Tokyo and Boston University, before starting in the Ph.D. program.

Her primary research interests are in the fields of Microeconomics Theory and Managerial Economics; her extended interests include the application of Microeconomics Theory to Political Economy. The main thrust of her research considers how conflicts of interest between players affect 'cheap talk' communication. Her research also explores managerial issues such as delegation, disclosure and interpersonal authority.

At Universita Ca' Foscari Venezia, she is conducting research on theories of communications in organizations.

At Simmons College, she taught Intermediate Microeconomics, and Business Competition and Antitrust Policy as an adjunct lecturer. She also taught Public Economics for the Masters in Public Policy Program.

Before she returned to academia, she was a manager in the banking industry in Japan. As a member of a corporate finance team, she was in charge of corporate loans to 200 companies. Also, she oversaw 30 projects as a core member of the Non-Performing Loan Liquidation Team.

At University of Tokyo, she was a member of the women's tennis team for four years and named vice-captain in the last year.