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dear joan,
I would like to know if all soy milks are the same. Is soy milk a good replacement for regular milk?

-- sold on soy

dear sold on soy ,

Soy milk is lactose (a milk sugar) free and can work as a nonanimal based milk for people, such as vegetarians, who don't want to consume cow's milk. It is made from soybeans that are soaked, ground fine, and strained into a fluid. Like milk, there are regular and low-fat varieties. An eight-ounce glass of regular soy milk serves up about four grams of fat and is low in saturated fat, with only half a gram per serving. Reduced-fat soymilk has only two grams of fat per cup.

Because it's made from plant-based soybeans, soy milk is cholesterol free and has three grams of fiber. That's something regular milk can't boast. However, soy milk is not as potent a source as cow's milk for certain nutrients, such as calcium, riboflavin (a B vitamin), and vitamins A and D, unless it is fortified. To make a healthy choice, check the nutrition label on the package.

Stay healthy,



Updated: September 2005