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dear joan,
I love dried pineapples. How many calories do these and other dried fruits have? Are dried fruits good for you?

--sweet on dried fruit

dear sweet on dried fruit,

To me, dried fruit is Mother Nature's candy counter. Dried delectables such as dried plums (formerly known as prunes), figs, raisins, currants, apples, dates, and pineapples dole out fiber, potassium, and are virtually fat free. Dried apricots are super in the vitamin A department as they are a rich source of beta carotene (which can be converted to vitamin A in your body).

Banana chips, on the other hand, may not only have added sugar, but may also be loaded with saturated fat-laden coconut oil. (Check the ingredients on the label.) A cup of banana chips, contains 150 calories, 8 grams fat, 7 grams saturated fat. Unfortunately, this amount of calories and fat closely resembles potato chips! Some dried fruits may have added sulfites so check the label if this is a concern for you.

When it comes to dried pineapples specifically, you may want to do some ingredient label hunting to see if they have added sugar, which will add calories but little nutrition. You can find dried pineapples without added sugar in some specialty shops and health-food stores.

As far as the calories go, use the chart below as your guide. But take note: Because the water content is gone in dried fruits (and that's what helps you to feel full when enjoying fresh fruit), you may find yourself overeating, which can quickly rack up the calories.

Dried Fruit Amount Calories
Apricots 1/2 cup 157
Apple Rings 5 78
Currants 1/4 cup 102
Dates 5 115
Figs 2 96
Mixed fruit 1/2 cup 166
Peaches 1/4 cup 96
Pineapples Approx 1 ring 85
Plums, Dried (Prunes) 5 100
Raisins 1/4 cup 130



Last Updated: May, 2005