Roger D. H. Warburton, Ph.D., PMP

Books for Fall 2013


Project Management Courses

The same book is used in all project management courses:

1) AD642 (Classroom)

2) AD642 Online Courses:
        AD642 OL: Program and Project Management (Online)

       AD642XP and AD642 DE: These are the same classes as AD642 

3) MG415:  Project Management

Project Management Text:

The Art and Science of Project Management
(C) 2013 Roger D. H. Warburton and Vijay Kanabar

RW Press, Newport, RI USA.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9831788-4-2


Here is the cover of the second edition. The second edition is highly recommended as it is updated to the new version of the PMBOK.


There are several places from which you can buy the book and the price will be different at each vendor:

Purchase Options:

1) From RW Press, via Lulu:   $45 plus shipping.

To purchase a copy from RW Press*, go here

Lulu is a “Print on Demand” (PoD) distributor. When you order from RW Press, they forward the request to Lulu who print a copy of the book, which usually takes about 2-3 days. The book is shipped to you using the shipping method you select.

2) At bookstores, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon: $50 (plus shipping).

The second edition may not be available at bookstores. lists the book as “in stock.” However, this is not actually true. If you order from Amazon, they will order a copy from Lulu who will then print it. Amazon will arrange to have the book shipped directly to you from Lulu. Therefore, it is no quicker to order from Amazon.

It is highly recommended that students do not leave the purchase of textbooks to the last minute.

If you order express mail, you can sometimes get it 48 hours after ordering.

*Boston University has approved the distribution of the textbook through RW Press at a lower cost than that available through bookstores.

  Here is the cover of the first edition.

  Front Cover First Edition

AD680: Global Services &Supply Chain Strategy

There is no text for this course. I will provide Power Point slides each week. I recommend that you print these out before coming to class.

Slides will be available a week before class. They can be downloaded from Blackboard: