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Personal Osteoporosis Stories
(Not a true story. Developed for illustration purposes only)
Anna J., Former School Teacher, Age 78, Boston, MA
When I was 66 I fell and broke my wrist. Three years later I was lifting a box when I felt a “snap” in my back and couldn’t straighten up. I had broken a bone in my spine and it was very painful.
I probably had osteoporosis all those years without realizing it. I kept breaking bones but thought it was just bad luck. I’ve always been a physically fit person. For 42 years I worked as a school teacher and have taken dozens of long summer trips to Europe.
Three years ago I was getting into the back seat of a friend’s car when I felt a sharp pain in my back. It was another crushed spinal bone. My friends had to call 911 to get me out of the car.
Luckily my doctor at that time suspected osteoporosis and gave me a bone density test. Now I take medicine, calcium, and vitamin D to strengthen my bones. I haven’t broken anything since and tests show my bones are actually getting stronger.
The worst thing about osteoporosis is that I have shrunk 4 inches in my upper body and it’s hard to find clothes that look good and fit right. My back is rounded over so my stomach sticks out.
I’ll never get my good posture back but I still travel and enjoy life. My advice to other women my age is to get a bone density test and then get on calcium and whatever medicine you need to make your bones strong before they start to break.

Michael P., Philadelphia, PA (not a true story, developed for illustration purposes only)
“Are you sure, doc?” That’s what I said when my doctor told me that I needed to have a bone density test for osteoporosis. Like most men I always thought osteoporosis was a woman’s disease. I think my aunt may have had it. Osteoporosis was not on my list of things to worry about.
These days plenty of men get osteoporosis, my doctor told me. Especially men like me who have taken the drug Prednisone.
So, I had the bone density test, which, by the way was a snap. There was no pain, no preparation. It took about 5 minutes. It was just like having an xray but you keep your clothes on. The test showed that my bones were so thin. I was lucky not to have broken anything yet. I was in the early stages of osteoporosis.
My doctor put me on a medicine to strengthen my bones and it’s working. I haven’t broken any bones and my second bone density test showed that my bones are getting stronger.
I don’t have to worry about osteoporosis anymore. I can cross it off my list of things to be worry about because I am doing something about it.
My advice to men who think they can’t get osteoporosis is to think again. But don’t take my word for it. Ask your doctor and go ahead with a bone density test if you’re over 65. Cross osteoporosis off your list of worries.





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