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Java3D Linker

After not being able to find a solution to using Java3D (J3D) in an applet without requiring users to download and install Java3D themselves, I developed the following jar file. The jar file included the native libraries for Java3D for Windows and Linux both 32 and 64 bit (Mac OS X comes with Java3D in it's native Java implementation). Simply include this jar with your applet or Java application and in the beginning of you're program call 'new Java3dLinker();' before any calls to Java3d functions and the appropriate Java 3D native library for your OS will be linked into your build path for you enabling the Java3d library to run without problems. As of now, the only unsupported client is Chrome in OS X because it does not appear to use the native Java distribution of the OS. I will soon be updating this library to include it when I get the time. Email me at rrusso1 at bu dot edu if you have any issues or comments regarding this library.
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