Adam of Saint-Victor, Sequentia XXXVII in assumption Mariae



Ave, virgo singularis,

Porta vitae, stella maris,

Ave, decus virginum;

Tota virgo, sed fecunda,

Casta corde, carne munda

Gignens Christum Dominum.


Hail singular virgin,

Gate of life, star of the sea,

Hail, glory of virgins;

Entirely virgin, but fecund,

Chaste in heart, pure in body,

Bearing Christ the Lord.


Mater eius, qui creavit,

Qui distinxit et ornavit

Caelum, terram, maria,

Vivit, regnat, dominatur,

Cuius nullo terminatur

Fine regni gloria.


Mother of him who created,

who divided up and ornamented

the sky, the land, and the seas,

who lives, rules, and holds power,

the glory of whose reign is boundless.


Cuius? Eius -- quid dicemus?

Quibus verbis explicemus

Nomen tanti numenis?

Eius quippe magnitudo,

Virtus, honor, pulchritudo

Cor excedit hominis.


Whose? His -- what may we say?

With what words may we explain

the name of such a divinity?

His size, power, honor, beauty

exceed the heart of man.


Res mutando dic, natura,

Dic, ubi sunt tua iura?

Virgo parit filium,

Quae conceptu veritatis

Incorruptae castitatis

Non amittit lilium.


Say, O nature, by changing things,

where are your laws?

A virgin bore a son,

but, conceiving by means of the truth,

she did not cast aside

the lily of uncorrupted chastity.


Virgo fuit ante partum

Et, dum parit, et post partum,

Virgo mente, corpore;

Verbum patris sine matre

Facta mater sine patre

Genuit in tempore.


She was virgin before,

during, and after birth,

virgin in mind and in body;

Made a mother without father

she bore in time

the word of the father who had no mother.



Virga florem, stella solem,

Coaeternum patri prolem

Virgo mater genuit;

Sol et lumen et decorem,

Flos et fructum et odorem

Toti mundo praebuit


A branch bore a flower, a star bore the sun,

the virgin mother bore a child

coeternal with the father;

She brought forth the sun and light

and flower, and lovely fruit and fragrance

for the whole world.


Hic est enim ipso teste

Verum lumen et caeleste,

Cibus indeficiens,

Panis vivus manducatis,

Sed credentis et amantis

Animam reficiens.


Here by its own witness

is the true and heavenly light,

inexaustible food,

living food to be chewed,

but restoring the soul

of the believer and lover.


Eva mater per reatum

Stola vitae spoliatum

Morti dedit hominem.

Culpa perit, mors recedit

Mother Eve, through her guilt,

gave man, stripped of the cloak

of life, to death.

Guilt dies, death retreats.


Virgo potens et benigna,

Angelorum laude digna,

Plena Dei gratia,

Laudes tuas decantamus,

Corde tibi supplicamus,

Dele nostra vitia.


Powerful and gentle virgin,

worthy of angelic praise,

filled with the grace of God,

we sing your praises,

we pray to you with our hearts,

Absolve our sins.


Paenitentes confitemur

Mala, quibus promeremur

Iram Dei vindicem;

Tu miserta tui gregis,

O regina, mater regis,

Placa nobis iudicem.


Penitent, we confess

our crimes,

because of which we deserve

the avenging wrath of God;

Take pity on your flock,

o queen, mother of the king,

make our judge gentle with us.



O Maria, redemptoris

Creatura, creatoris

Genetrix magnifica,

Per te nobis reparatrix,

Per te fiat consolatrix

Tua proles unica.

O Mary, crated by the redeemer,

magnificent mother

of the creator,

your only child

is, through you, our restorer,

our consoler.



Donet nobis rectam mentem,

In adversis patientem,

In secundis humilem;

Fidem puram, spem securam,

Caritatem permansuram,

Qua nihil est melius;

May he give us an upright mind,

Patience in adversity,

humility when things go well;

pure faith, firm hope,

enduring love,

than which nothing is better.


Opus verae pietatis

Et decorem caritatis

Intus et exterius:

Ut sit vita speciosa,

Sit mors nostra pretiosa

In conspectu Domini.


a work of true piety

graced with love

inwardly and externally;

So that our life may be lovely

let our death be precious

in the sight of the Lord.


Deo patri filioque,

Procedenti ab utroque,

Sed non temporaliter,

Regnum, decus et potestas,

Honor, virtus et maiestas Nunc et aeternaliter.



For God the father and the son,

who comes from both, but not

in time, kingdom, glory and power,

honor, strength and majesty

now and forever.