SC500A2 - RF/Analog IC Design Fundamentals   (Fall Semester 2002)


        Texts:  Thomas H. Lee, The Design of CMOS Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits, Cambridge Univ Press, 1998.
                    Shaeffer and Lee, Low-Power CMOS Radio Receivers, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999.
        References:  Johns and Martin, Analog Integrated Circuit Design, John Wiley and Sons, 1997.
                            Gray, Hurst, Lewis, Meyer, Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits, John Wiley and Sons, 2001
                            Various IEEE journal articles from recent JSSC issues and ISSCC conference digests.

       Lecture Notes: (downloadable .ppt files)
            Chapter 1: SiGe BICMOS Technology - process and fabrication
                                                                            - layout and design rules

            Chapter 2:  SiGe BICMOS Device Physics and Models - MOS & NPN Devices
                                                                                                         - compact analog/RF circuit models
                                                                                                         - passive IC components

            Chapter 3:  Current Mirrors, Amplifiers, OP Amps, and Comparators

            Chapter 4:  Switched Capacitor Circuits

            Chapter 5:  Converters - A/D converters
                                                    - D/A converters

            Chapter 6:  Distributed Systems, Transmission lines, S-parameters

            Chapter 7:  Estimating Bandwidth, Risetime, and Delay

            Chapter 8:  High Frequency Amplifier Design

            Mid-Term Exam (Oct. 21, 2002)
            Cadence SpectreRF Tutorial (Oct. 23, 2002)



           HW#1  Problem Set
           HW#2  Problem Set
           HW#3  Problem Set
           HW#4  Problem Set
           HW#5  Problem Set

           Lab 1  - SiGe NPN and CMOS Device Characteristics (Collector characteristics, Gummel plot, Gm, Ft, etc.)
           Lab 2  - Analog Design:  BICMOS Circuit (TBD)
           Lab 3  - RF Design:  Low Nosie Amplifier (S-parameters and noise)
           Lab 4  - RF Design:  Mixer Circuit (spectrum analysis with PSS, measure IIP3)
           Lab 5  - RF Design:  VCO, Phase Noise, and PLL