Dr. Rachel E. Abercrombie




Research Group

BU Geophysics

BU Solid Earth & Tectonics
Rachel Abercrombie

Research Interests

I am interested in all aspects of the earthquake rupture process. For example, how earthquakes start and grow, what factors govern the size and location of slip, how one earthquake affects another. I have studied earthquakes over a wide range of magnitudes and frequencies in many tectonic environments. I worked in the Aegean, Southern California and New Zealand before coming to Boston. In particular I have focused on earthquake scaling and nucleation. I have also worked on attenuation and site effects. My aim is to understand the factors controlling seismic slip by studying earthquakes under a wide range of conditions (for example, on the San Andreas System, in subduction zones, and in the oceans). I am also using the relatively controlled environment of induced seismicity to understand the triggering of tectonic earthquakes.

Cajon Pass borehole Chapman Conference field trip