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Research Group

BU Geophysics

BU Solid Earth & Tectonics

Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Kasey Aderhold

Kasey arrived in September 2010 after completing her B.A. in Computer Science and Environmental Science at DePauw University. Kasey's Ph.D. studies are focused on the depth distribution of seismogenic slip in the oceanic lithosphere.

Gisela Viegas Fernandes

Ph.D. 2009: Thesis entitled Earthquake Source Properties and Wave Propagation in Eastern North America.
Gisela took a post-doctoral fellowship at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Earth Sciences Division, in September 2009.

Maya El Hariri

M.A. 2008: Thesis entitled Seismicity Patterns and Fluid-Flow Observations From Reservoir Induced Earthquakes.
Waveform cross-correlation and relocation of seismicity from Brazil to investigate the role of fluid diffusion in triggering earthquakes. Maya went on to New Mexico Tech where she completed her Ph.D.

Katherine Murphy

M.A. 2006: Thesis entitled The 23 December 2004 M8.1 Macquarie Ridge Earthquake. Bodywave modelling of this large earthquake to investigate source processes and seismotectonics. Katherine is now working at the University of Utah Seismograph Network

Jelena Tomic

M.A. 2004: Jelena’s thesis involved Empirical Green’s function analysis of small reservoir induced earthquakes, including determining rupture velocity. Jelena went on to complete a Ph.D. at UCLA.

Karen Felzer

Ph.D. 2002, Harvard: While Karen was not officially my student, I was her principal informal advisor. Her research involves using statistical techniques to study the physics of earthquake interaction. Karen is a research scientist at the USGS in Pasadena, California.

Takuji Yamada, Post Doctoral Fellow:

Takuji visited us 2005-2007 as a JSPS Research Fellow at Tokyo University. His research has focused on small earthquakes in South African Gold mines. He is now at the Institute of Seismology and Volcanology, Hokkaido University, Japan.

Eleanor Sonley, Post Doctoral Fellow:

January 2005 – December 2005. Eleanor worked on the source processes of small, repeating earthquakes at Parkfield (California) recorded by the HRSN borehole network. She then moved on to Binghampton University.