Lara Maria Rangel

I am a second-year postdoctoral researcher within the Boston-based NSF Cognitive Rhythms Collaborative! I currently conduct research in the Eichenbaum Lab.

I am a recent graduate from the Neurosciences Department at the University of California San Diego where I conducted research under the guidance of co-advisors Dr. Andrea Chiba and Dr. Fred H. Gage. My dissertation research examined the encoding of spatial, temporal, and affective dimensions in the dentate gyrus and the contribution of adult-born hippocampal neurons.

As a researcher, I believe that collaboration builds a creative energy that generates powerful scientific progress. Collaboration has extended in my life to my community where I have continually initiated opportunities for large-scale scientific outreach that make neuroscience education accessible to the general public. It is my goal to also provide venues for their desires/concerns to be heard by us. As the newest member to the Board of Directors at NeuroLinx Research Institute, I am currently working on the design of a virtual neuroscience library that can perform the dual purposes of facilitating large-scale educational outreach and regular communication between scientists and the general public. Create an account and check it out!

My hobbies include surfing, belly dancing, watercolor, and cello. Also, say hello to my husband the astronomer.

'Microdrives - A Love Poem'

By: Lara Maria Rangel

Patiently I walk along the golden
Path you set before me
And follow with frozen
Eyes and breath to be
Devoutly attentive to the course
We travel together now
Following resonating rhythms to their source,
Finding music where our minds allow.

Last Updated 6.1.2013

Mt. Everest Base Camp, Tibet Autonomous Region (left) Kodari, Nepal (right)

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