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Your One Stop Shop For Advertising Services & Candid Photos


Welcome To Candidos

What you see is not always what you are going to get. Candidos is not your average modeling and photography web site. We have a little something for everyone:

  • Models - available for photo shoots
  • Candid Photography - purchase just the pictures you would like and use for advertising
  • Advertising Services - Specialized universal advertising can be provided
  • Market Consultations - Get help breaking into the market

Do you have current advertising needs? Need models, or would you like to skip the photo shoots, hair and make up, and just purchase a picture which can be edited as desired?* How would you like to do nothing except for hire us to do all the work for you? We're here to service your every advertising and marketing desire. You provide the funds, and we'll provide the man power!


 *Candidos reserves the right to use pictures, ads and all other additional information submitted for business and private purposes at our discretion.

We're not camera shy around here.

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I love sports and posing for the camera. Even when I drool I'm cute!

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Opps! Did I do that?