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So You Wanna Know More

Candidos began as a web site where people can share their fabulous photos albums with the world, but then we became a portal to connect the online advertising companies with models and photos that they can view and purchase, allowing any and everyone to participate in marketing and advertising. Now your personal camera and photos can be bought and sold through Candidos, turning your photo album into an advertisers marketing campaign, and your family into the stars of the ad.

Candidos also offers advertising services such as consulting and design. All you have to do is tell us the type of ad you would like, what brand you represent, and send us a digital file of the logos and products you'd like for us to stick in a picture. We will make 3 various ads, and you can then purchase which ever one you like the best. We will then provide a licensing fee to the photographer who submitted the photo. Everyone wins with Candidos!

Types of Photos Offered:

  • Candid
  • Party Pics
  • Traditional
  • Animals
  • Goofy and Funny
  • Alternative and Weird
  • And Many Many More...



*Candidos reserves the right to use pictures, ads and all other additional information submitted for business and private purposes at our discretion.


We've got all kind of photos...

Wedding pictures are very popular in advertising.

Alternative and funky photos are our specialty.