Creo Demo download files...
  1. Note: You'll need the BU Drawing templates for Creo installed before you continue.
    Go to this Creo Help Page and follow the instructions to install the BU Creo Templates.

  2. Creo Demo, Part Drawing (pdf)-- this is the assignment for EK131/132 or EK156 students to complete after doing CAD demos I and II. The goal is to reproduce (functionally, and with the dimensions and other details) the drawing, by creating an identical part, and creating a drawing from it.)

  3. Creo Part File-- the part that was created in the first part of the demo.

  4. CAD II Demo Walk ThroughThis word document contains details of the steps that we went through during the second part of the demo (SW II), where we created the drawing, and edited the tolerances. .