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Class:Tue Thu 2-3:15 in CAS B18Tue Thu 11-12:15 in SHA 110
Sections:Fri 4:40-5:30 in PHO 211Fri 2:30-3:20 in EPC 205
TA:Tak Lun Lester ChanYi-Hsuan Lin
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Office Hours:Mon 12:30-2, Wed 11-12:30Mon 2-3:30, Wed 10:30-12
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Class Recordings
(The recording of the first class lacks audio)

DateTopicsSec A1Sec B1
Tuesday, September 5Marshallian Theory, Budget Constraints, Utility link n.a.
Thursday, September 7Properties of Utility Functions, Examples of Utility Functions link n.a.
Tuesday, September 12Consumer's Choice Problem, Properties of Demand Functions link n.a.
Thursday, September 14Effects of income changes, Engel Curves, Own-price Effect, Compensated Demand Functions, Slutsky Equation link n.a.
Tuesday, September 19Finding Compensated Demand Functions, Welfare Measurement: Compensating + Equivalent Variations link n.a.
Thursday, September 18CV, EV and Consumer's Surplus, Cross-Price Effects, Interpretation of Lagrange multiplier, Revealed Preference and Welfare link n.a.

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Class Records

Course Outline for Section A1 (Tu Th 2-3:15)

Course Outline for Section B1 (Tu Th 11-12:15)

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