EC 501 Vodcasts Page
These are recordings of the class lectures of Section B1.
Students from Section A1: Please note that sometimes I do not cover to exactly the same point, so there won't be a perfect correlation with your classes, but overall the material will be the same.
Click on the class # to access the vodcast.
Class #DateTopics
1 Tuesday, September 3Marshallian Theory, Budget Constraints, Utility
2 Thursday, September 5Properties of Utility Functions, Consumer's Choice Problem
3 Tuesday, September 10Properties of Demand Functions, Effects of income changes, Own-price effect
4 Thursday, September 12Compensated Demand Functions, Slutsky Equation
5 Tuesday, September 10Finding Compensated Demand Functions, Welfare Measurement: Compensating + Equivalent Variations
6 Thursday, September 19CV, EV and Consumer's Surplus, Cross-Price Effects, Revealed Preference
7 Tuesday, September 24Interpretation of Lagrange multiplier, Revealed Preference and Welfare, Price Indexes
8 Thursday, September 26Cash vs Price subsidies, Demand with Home Production, Labor Supply, Intertemporal Choice
9 Tuesday, October 1Production Function and its properties, Cost Functions
10 Thursday, October 3Cost Functions and Cost Curves, Relationship between TC, AC and MC, Cost Function for the Cobb-Douglas case
11 Tuesday, October 8Cost Functions for Leontief and Linear Production Functions, Firm Supply
12 Thursday, October 10Short and Long Run Supply Curves, Market Equilibrium and Adjustment, Interventions in Competitive Markets
13 Thursday, October 17The effects of taxes in Competitive Markets
14 Tuesday, October 22Demand for Labor, Intertemporal Aggregation and the Demand for Capital, Pareto efficiency
15 Thursday, October 24The Allocation Problem in General Equilibrium, Consumption Efficiency and the Edgeworth Box
16 Tuesday, October 29Consumption Efficiency and Walrasian Equilibrium
17 Thursday, October 31Production Efficiency and the Condition for Product Mix
(Please note that the vodcast begins only at about the 5 minute mark)
18 Tuesday, November 5The Optimality Theorems of General Equilibrium, Uncertainty and the Expected Utitlity Hypothesis
19 Thursday, November 7Graphical exposition of expected utility, Risk pooling and Risk spreading, Adverse Selection
20 Tuesday, November 12Moral Hazard, Basic Monopoly Model, Multi-plant Monopoly, Cartels
21 Thursday, November 14Limit Pricing and the Price Leadership Model, First and Third Degree Price Discrimination
22 Tuesday, November 19Second degree price discrimination, Monopsony and wage discrimination, Natural Monopoly and Regulation
23 Thursday, November 21Theory of Games
24 Tuesday, November 26Monopolistic Competition, Cournot and Stackelberg Models
25 Tuesday, December 3Bertrand Competition, Externalities and the Pigouvian Tax
26 Thursday, December 5Effluent Fees, Coase Theorem, Common Property Externalities
(Recorded with a portable camera)
27 Tuesday, December 10Public Goods and Social Choice

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