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President’s Host Program

Update on Important Policies

Thank you so much for your participation in and dedication to the President’s Host Program.  We appreciate all you do and the time you give as a volunteer.  To help maintain the integrity of the program and to honor everyone’s commitment, we would like to spell out the following policies. 

“Three Strikes, You’re Out” Policy

The President’s Host program has a “three strikes” policy to ensure that all tours are covered and that the program is fair for all participants.

What counts as a strike?

 -Any missed tour or special event (unless excused)

-Failure to find coverage for a tour or event you signed up for but               subsequently can no longer do

-Missing more than one monthly meeting per semester

-Failure to sign-up for weekly tours, special events and/or Saturdays

What happens if you get a strike? 

-First strike will result in an e-mail from Erin M. requesting an explanation.

-Second strike will result in a meeting with Erin M. and Coordinators.

-Third strike may result in dismissal from the program.

P-Hosting Sabbatical/Studying Abroad

We realize that studying abroad and other situations may necessitate a President’s Host taking a semester off from the program. 

Following are guidelines to be followed if you are in this situation:

-Unless you are studying abroad, you CANNOT take off the semester immediately following your training period.

-You must notify the Coordinators prior to the start of the semester in which you will be studying abroad or taking a sabbatical.

-There will be no “in-between” status. If you cannot make the full commitment (weekly tours, special events, Saturdays), you will be “on sabbatical” for that semester.

-During your semester off, you are expected to keep current on news within the program.  The Coordinators will be in touch with you regularly to update you on changes to the program, the tour, the University, etc.

-Upon returning to the program you will be required to give mock tours to the Coordinators and/or Admissions staff until they feel you are ready to resume giving tours to visitors.

Monthly Meetings

It is imperative that all “active” P-Hosts attend monthly meetings.  These meetings provide updated and valuable information regarding the tour, the schedule, the P-Host Program, the Office of Admissions and the University.  Meetings also help build strength and community within the program. 

The monthly meeting schedule will be provided prior to the start of each semester.  There will be two different dates and times for each monthly meeting; P-Hosts are required to attend one of these monthly meetings each month.  If you miss a monthly meeting, you will be required to come into the Admissions Reception Center to pick up meeting minutes.  Missing more than one monthly meeting per semester will result in “strikes” for each successive meeting missed.