Prashant Vaidyanathan

I am a Ph.D. Candidate working in the Cross-Disciplinary Integration of Design Automation Research (CIDAR) Lab at Boston University. I recieved an M.S. degree in computer engineering from Boston University, Boston, MA, USA, and a B.E. (Hons.) degree in electrical and electronics engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science.

I am currently working pursuing a Ph.D. in computer engineering at Boston University, focusing on functional specification in genetic circuits. My research primarily focuses on synthesis of structural topologies from a given functional specification (in Boolean Algebra or Signal Temporal logic) in Genetic circuits. My adviser is Prof. Douglas Densmore (Ph.D.).

As a part of the Cross-disciplinary Integration of Design Automation Research (CIDAR) group, I developed various computational tools for Synthetic Biology including a Logic synthesis tool for Genetic Circuits. My research interests include Computer Architecture, Computer Arithmetic, Reconfigurable Computing, Embedded Systems, Logic Synthesis, Formal methods and Synthetic Biology..


Email : prash at bu dot edu