Pat's Latin Recitation Links (and a little bit of Greek, too)


The following links have been selected and annotated for students in CL 212, my fourth-semester undergrad course on Reading Latin Verse.

(1) The Harvard Classics Prose and Poetry Recital Page. For class: Listen to Wendell Clausen's recitation of Aeneid 1.1-11.

(2) The Classical Language Instruction Project at Princeton. For class: Listen to Katharina Volk's recitation of Aeneid 1.1-11 (no separate link).

(3) Latin selections at the Society for the Oral Reading of Greek and Latin Literature (SORGLL). For class: Listen to Robert P. Sonkowsky's recitation of Aeneid 1.1-11 (The rectiation actually goes up to line 49, but you only have to listen to the first eleven lines for the assignment.).


(4) Just for fun: Lee Butterman's Poeta ex Machina automated Latin poetry recitation application. Isn't the 21st century a great time to be alive? Type in a text, click the button, wait for a while (sometimes quite a while) as it analyzes the text, and then sit back, relax, and enjoy an mp3 of a computerized voice reciting your text. I'm impressed! (By the programming, that is.) The moral of the story for students in 212: If a computer can learn Latin prosody, there must be regular rules governing it, and you can learn them too.


Other Latin poetry recitation audio files (not needed for the class assignment):

Wilfried Stroh Reads in Latin Virgil's The Aeneid, Book IV.

VivaVoce: Roman Poetry Recited. Note especially the selection from Vergil recited by Vojin Nedeljkovic.


Updated 13 December 2006.

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