The FAM has been developed as a compact, wearable, low powered, wireless sensors prototype to form an ambulatory activity monitoring system when paired with a smartphone as the central node to collect and analyze sensor data. Key design goals are to support real time 50 Hz data sampling from multiple devices, continuous operation for at least 24 hours, and interconnection to smart communications infrastructure to allow remote data collection and interpretation.

The FAM provides real time classification of the following activities:-

Classification is achieved by obtaining information about the angles of inclination of a person’s limbs to which the sensor(s) are attached. This is achieved by an on-board microcontroller that executes the embedded application, a tri-axial accelerometer that provides limb orientation, a tri-axial gyroscope that improves accuracy of measurements, and an RF (ANT) transceiver that can transmit the measured data to smartphone in a wireless manner.

A 3D printed plastic enclosure is prototyped to house the device. The back plate of the enclosure supports a holder to mount the device on a belt. The package is 5.1cm x 3.8cm x 1.1cm.

An application for iPhone is written in objective-C to support the master in a wireless personal area network established between a smartphone and multiple FAM devices. This provides a clean and interactive GUI to support activity monitoring.

The FAM enabled activity monitoring system is expected to have improved monitoring compliance necessary for in-home and community-based adoption.